Dining Options

Culinary art at its very best is complimented by an inviting ambience ideal for both family gatherings as well as business conventions. Personalized attention, professional and efficient service, and a menu designed to tempt your taste buds makes our restaurant the ideal destination for great cuisine served to you in style.

Dining options are next to unlimited as Hotel Breeze Land includes three restaurants where you can treat your taste buds to some of the finest multi cuisines available in Kerala. All the three restaurants have menus flooded with mouth-watering delicacies. Dining options available at our restaurants will definitely add flavor to your stay at Hotel Breeze Land . Each dish will be a symphony to your taste buds.

Manthouppu – Open-air Restaurant

Gorgeous food served amidst the beauty of nature is something that Manthouppu offers to its diners. Yes, it's true; here, cuisine is served in an outdoor garden setting. While feasting on delicious food you can witness the leaves on the mango trees and coconut trees dancing to the tunes of the cool breeze. The Manthouppu menu serves eclectic Kuttanadan, Chinese and Thandoor dishes. Now, if you wish to trickle your taste buds a bit more, why not savor through some of the best Indian wines served at Manthouppu?

Wine & Dine — Bar and Restaurant

An admirable air-conditioned Bar cum Restaurant, where mood is laid back yet elegant. Here ‘Wine' is a well stocked bar, whereas ‘Dine' is a restaurant serving gourmet cuisines. At this place, you can try out on a variety of selected dishes from around the world. This restaurant is a favorite among locals and travelers alike.

Nellara – Multi Cuisine Restaurant

Nellara offers an array of luscious cuisines in a comfortable setting. This fully air-conditioned restaurant serves very rich menus. This eatery is a real treat for the palate. The professional outlook exemplified by the restaurant setup as well the top-notch service makes this restaurant an ideal dinning joint for family as well as business gatherings. The menu encompasses some of the best cuisines available in Kerala.

Coffee Shop

Though small, our coffee shop includes a good menu of coffee beverages as well as tasty food to excite your taste senses. Spending some of your time at this coffee shop will not be a disappointing experience, trust us!